online casinos accepting neosurf in australia

Neosurf is quite popular online payment method in Australia, which makes it possible for the clients to pay for their products and services online. Developed by the French firm Neosurf card SAS, it gives exceptional prepaid cards, thanks to that, online casino gamers may efficiently create their deposits in a trusted and safe manner.

Neosurf Summary

This online payment system is available in several European countries (Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Andorra and Belgium), in addition to in certain French overseas territories and in certain African nations.

Neosurf cards can be bought from retailers such as markets, supermarkets, newsagents and out of tobacconists. To be familiar with of the locations, where you’ll discover that the Neosurf prepaid cards, you want to look at the official site.

If the clients prefer, they could only partially use the cash, in their Neosurf prepaid cards and also to check on a routine basis the rest of the amount of the amount on the site.

When utilizing Neosurf prepaid card, there isn’t any need to create any registration or to provide any sensitive information that makes it a totally secure and anonymous method of handling your internet casino deposits. As soon as you obtain the card which includes a 10-digit code, then you may quickly use it to your online deposits.

Generally, there are not any additional fees for the majority of the attributes, given by Neosurf, and nevertheless, in certain particular circumstances, the consumers have to pay commissions.

Kinds of Neosurf prepaid cards

Clients can currently choose between two Kinds of Neosurf prepaid cards, according to their preferences and requirements:

The Timeless Neosurf card

This prepaid card makes it possible for the clients to purchase from each one the partners’ websites and is extended in the worth of $ 15,$ 30, $ 50, $ 100.

The Minor Neosurf card

This prepaid card is extended in the worth of $ 10 and $ 20 and may also be utilized for purchases in the partners’ websites.
The Way to Activate the Neosurf Prepaid Card

To cover using a Neosurf card, then you just have to pick the value of this card, most appropriate for your deposits and purchases. Have a look at the rear of the card to the 10-digit key code and then input it, should you choose to create internet casino deposits in a simple and safe manner. Registrations aren’t required, and everything stays completely anonymous since you don’t really provide info regarding your financing and you aren’t linked to debit or charge cards.

Optional Features Provided By Neosurf

Clients could also benefit from additional optional attributes, provided with this particular French online payment system:

NeoCash MasterCard

This is a plastic and prepaid MasterCard, thanks to that, the clients make purchases in countless offline and online shops. You are able to upload cash to the NeoCash prepaid card MasterCard if by a bank transfer, together with the credit card, if your favour, by buying a Neosurf card.


This is a handy application that provides you with the choice to purchase Neosurf cards on the internet and to pay using a credit card using a bank transfer or by check.

Remember that, if you happen to would like to make the most of these optional attributes, you’ll have to offer some private info and to enrol at the NeoCash or even MyNeosurf site.

Making Deposits in Online Casinos Using Neosurf

Earning deposits in online casinos employing Neosurf prepaid card is quick and reliable, and that’s the reason why a lot of players anticipate this internet payment procedure. As soon as you’ve previously purchased a card, then you have to elect for Neosurf, as a preferred payment choice. Input the sum of the deposit in addition to the 10-digit identification code from the pop-up window which will show up on the cashier page of an online casino. After clicking “validate”, the cash will probably be immediately transferred into the casino accounts. The majority of the online casinos don’t charge any additional charges for using Neosurf for earning the internet deposits. So far as the withdrawal of cash is concerned, the clients using the Neosurf system don’t have the choice to withdraw money from their online casino accounts.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Using Neosurf

Among the chief reasons why players select Neosurf for earning deposits is the payment system employs the most recent security standards to guarantee the high degree of protection. When creating your internet deposit with Neosurf, then you don’t have to present private data, and you can move the money immediately into the casino account. One other fantastic benefit is that you’ve got the opportunity to pay by money for internet payments. You’re able to effectively control the quantity of cash you spend, as a result of the simple fact that every card includes a set value. The chance to get the NeoCash MasterCard eases the clients who wish to make online purchases or just to purchase a Neosurf prepaid card.

Among the disadvantages of the payment method can be found in the fact it’s accessible to a restricted number of nations and that the site is supplied only in French which can be definitely inconvenient for men and women that aren’t familiar with this particular language. Another disadvantage is that you always have to hunt for a selling stage at which you will get the Neosurf card which makes the entire procedure more complex. When utilizing Neosurf prepaid cards, you can’t make any withdrawals from your casino accounts and furthermore, Neosurf reserves the right to put extra fees for some of those services.


The Neosurf payment process is ideally secure cause most of the transactions have been 128-bits encrypted. In this manner, clients can create their online casino residue, without preoccupying together with the safeness of the own funds. Since you’re practically not providing any additional details such as email, name or phone number, Neosurf has been a perfect alternative for making online purchases and residue.


Neosurf is a simple and anonymous approach to deposit online and also to enjoy the internet casinos in the utmost manner. Employing a Neosurf prepaid card ensures for fast trades which are instantly processed.